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OVRHAUL Mutation System
The best of the best when it comes to mutation systems, and we guarantee that. Interested in upgrading your projects art?
SPAWN Art Generation
This part of NFT's can be confusing and time consuming to learn. Let us take care of it! Want to learn more?
A customizable and secure candy machine mint! Why get taxed on your mint funds when you can pay a small fee and have just as great of a mint? Interested in VENDR?
BRIDGE Website Build
Building a website for your project can be difficult. Don't worry, we will handle all of it. From the design to the build! Need a website for your project?


What is OVRHAUL? OVRHAUL is the fastest and smoothest mutation system to be released on SOL. Using a custom made mutation engine, mutating an NFT on chain has never been easier and more exciting!
How does it work? We have built our own custom system that can alter NFTs and change them on chain, allowing us to mutate your NFT and metadata. However, you will need to provide the art as we only provide the platform.
How much does it cost? Building a system with OVRHAUL is going to cost around 30 SOL + 2 Dropout Bears depending what the specifics are. Our system is very customizable for whatever you are looking for!
How long does it take to build? We aim to have these systems built out for your project in little as 1-3 days.
Worried about security? Don't worry! We will change the update authority wallet for the entire collection before the website goes live!
Past Clients? SoDead, Carton Kids, Mutant Miner Rats were all very happy customers.


SoDead Mutation System SoDead's "purification" system allows SoDead holders to purify their SoDead using SoDead Blood or Chalices. If a holder were to use a chalice, it would change the NFTs background as well as give it a new trait called "Tribe".
Carton Mutation System Using our OVRHAUL service, Carton holders are able to upgrade both Carton Kids and Carton Monsters in one simple and easy to use platform.
Mutant Miner Rats Mutation System MMR wanted to give their holders the option to replace traits within certain NFTs. Using OVRHAUL, we are able to rebuild the NFT in real time.


What is SPAWN? Generating art with little to no coding experience can be difficult and confusing. It can also be time consuming. We want to make this easier on project founders.
How much does it cost? 1 SOL Per 1000 NFTs generated.
How long does it take? 1 - 3 Hours depending on collection size.
Why choose us? We have a ton of experience creating mints and generating art. We will advise you on the best course of action for the highest quality possible.


What is BRIDGE? Building a website can be difficult and time consuming, we strive to solve this problem for you. We will help design, build, and host your website for you.
How much does it cost? Starting at 5 SOL + 2 Dropout Bears.
How long does it take? This depends what you are looking for, bigger projects will take more time. However a simple website can take as little as 12 hours.
Why choose us? Our team has one of the best UI/UX designers in the Web3 space that will be advising and helping you every step of the way to give you the best looking website for your project.

The Dropout Guarantee

We strive to provide the best quality service always and won't stop working until you are happy.

Working closely with our team you will get to work directly with our professional UI/UX designer to make your utilities website look professional.

Worried about security? Don't be. Our lead developer has 15+ years in cyber security experience and 20+ years of coding experience.

Dropouts will continue to push the boundaries of what you thought was possible in the web3 ecosystem.
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