The OG Dropouts. The 808.

Dropout Bears is the first collection from Dropout U. While they were conceptualized in January of 2022, they came to life in May of 2022 and now we find ourselves here, at the start of a new era. 808 Dropout Bears.

Dropout Bear holders get exclusive access to our DAO where we keep our homework helper bot. They can also be staked to earn $Tuition. You can use that $Tuition for things like Spring Break/Graduation and buying merch. Holding 15 or more gets you a lifetime discount of 75% off of our develepment tools.

Graduation grants you the opportunity to graduate your Dropout to the next class. Each time you graduate to the next class, expect an art upgrade + an increased staking multiplier. Graduation is only available for a certain amount of time every 4 months. Don't be late.

Spring Break is your chance to get some rare attributes. Depending where your Dropout goes, they will come back with different clothing. Similar to Graduation, this will only be available once a year.

Dropout Bears are available for purchase via Magic Eden.