Dropout Giraffes are a collection of unique, giraffe characters created on the Solana blockchain. There are 4,808 giraffes in the collection, that will be minted on May 1st for around $50 in SOL. Holders and stakers of Dropout Giraffes will also have a revenue share from The Solana Derby.

Rev share... that's it.

The revenue share allocated to Dropout Giraffes will only be distributed to holders who have staked their Dropout Giraffes on our staking platform and paid royalties on aftermarket (If you are minting, no need to worry about paying royalties). This means that users must hold and stake Dropout Giraffes to be eligible for revenue sharing from Solana Derby.

Brought to you by the same team that created DropoutU.

4808 Supply. Minting May 1st. Mint price will be approximately $50 in SOL

Dropout Giraffes will be airdropped to Dropout Bear (gen 1) holders. In order to qualify for the Giraffe airdrop you will need to have your Dropout Bears staked. For every Dropout Bear staked, you will receive 2 Dropout Giraffe NFTs at the time of the airdrop. The airdrop will happen sometime between now and May 1st.

First 100 to use this link here get it automatically. If already filled, join our Discord and find out more.